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At ABS, we take your relationship with us and your health seriously.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Hear4Less to bring you hearing benefits at huge discounts.  Benefits for routine hearing exams and the cost of hearing aids are not included in many medical plans.  Did you know that hearing loss is a major contributor to dementia, and that 80% of those who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them?


Hear4Less allows employees and their relatives to receive free hearing exams from more than 3,000 board certified Audiologists nationwide.  If needed, hearing aids are provided and professionally fit to the patient with discounts of up to 40% over retail prices!

All employees need to do is call the included toll free number and get the names of multiple Audiologists in your area that have been approved by Hear4Less.  That’s it!

We are pleased to offer this valuable additional benefit to our client companies.  Please call the toll free number included for more information. 888-982-8115

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