The ABS Healthcare Marketplace Opens for Individual Health Plans

The major provisions of  Healthcare Reform (ACA) become effective January 1, 2014.  To help individuals make smart choices in an easy to understand, on-line shopping experience, we have now opened the ABS Healthcare Marketplace.  We believe everyone deserves individualized assistance when it comes to choosing a health plan, as the process can be complicated.   We can simplify the journey for you.

Advanced Benefit Strategies has partnered with PeopleSurance to provide quotes and assistance with individual health insurance. PeopleSurance is an on-line marketplace where you can not only quote and compare coverage from a number of different companies; you can enroll online and stay up-to-date on the status of your application.  Best of all, you get outstanding support from us at ABS and the professionals at PeopleSurance.  Our goal is to provide individuals with the best coverage at the best price either through the ABS Healthcare Marketplace, or the Public Health Insurance Exchange.  Either way- working through the experts at ABS costs you nothing additional…  ever!  Why struggle?

Simply click to get started!  Call us at (757) 572-0171 for personal assistance.

Go to ABS Healthcare Marketplace.

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