We design and implement innovative corporate healthcare plans that lower your costs, while our compliance expertise keeps your health plan worry-free.

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We are tenacious advocates for the best interests of our clients. Unbiased analysis and recommendations to our clients form the core of our value to our customers.


Advanced Benefit Strategies will frequently recommend solutions that are "not the same old thing". We believe that advanced concepts and tools, when implemented strategically, can ease the cost burden and greatly improve plan results.


We will strive for clarity in our communication with clients, their HR staff personnel, and employees. Frequent and clear communication to employees is a proven factor in increasing the satisfaction of employees with their benefits.


Advanced Benefit Strategies will be proactive in our pursuit of optimal strategies and solutions for our clients. We will be in frequent contact with you to identify trends and discuss changing priorities in your business. We will strive to keep our clients informed of developments in the market that effect them positively or negatively.


Service is defined as: "work done for another person" or "a helpful action". To us, it means getting you assistance when you need it and providing you with access to us and information. We are your experts and are committed to supporting your internal resources.


Keeping you educated and informed is a top priority for us at ABS. Things can change rapidly in benefits, and making sure you are aware of changes that may impact your business such as COBRA, ARRA, FMLA and state mandates is essential to keeping a plan competitive and in compliance.

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